Will you install Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)?

99% (11552 votes)
1% (173 votes)
Total votes: 11725



    I want to install ubuntu. But i have'n any program of support ubuntuWhere i can download program of support ubuntu linux

Will you install Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)?

    Yes, I already have.  Using it at this very moment.  But now I'm im struggling with rather or not I should just  remove windows from my system.  I never use it anymore and that will give me a 250G HDD to slap more apps and maybe other versions of Linux.

Supports Acer Aspire NWXMI Notebook?

    Hi , I am using Acer Aspire NWXMI AMD Turion T50 1.6Ghz 64 bit dual core Processor, 1 GB DDRSD RAM 533 FSB , ATI Radeon 1100 graphics , realtk Autdio . 5 in 1 card reader , Acer orbicam,120 GB HDD,CD,DVD  Dual Layer  R/W. Blue tooth , Wirell Lan wifi.Can I install Kubuntu in my system . I already have windozXP installed and I have 55 GB Free space in H-disc . Can I make it multiboot ? whether it will Play MP3 and other MPEG layer formats ?Whether it will play DVD video ?And whether it will detect my Processor,Graphics Card,Card Reader,Orbicam,DVD,Bluetooth,WIFI?Please let any one give me an Idea regarding this .Regards~Ajai

connecting to internet through usb drive

       Is it possible to get connected to the internet through my USB drive(1 GB). That is when i inserted my USB drive into the system it has to connect to the internet.

Feisty Fawn was on the

Feisty Fawn was on the installation disk I used. What's all this about having a choice about whether to use it or not?

for help

I am great fan of Linux. But I am facing problem 1) Shows not other drive means partition. 2)Not shows my media card for tv or program to run the channel 3) It showing pixel 800*600 and i want pixel 1024*1280 4) I want to share internet with other friend give him as Ip address but i could not find and how i share my internet with him as in xp u just share the key source and net is share Sir please help me i shall be great full to u if u tell me the method how I get it and i search web sites but found nothing  Haroon rasheed khanemail haroon_rasheed77@hotmail.com

Feisty Fawn Rules!

Feisty Fawn has exceeded all my expectations as a Windows XP replacement operating system.  I had no trouble installing it on four different machines.  I was concerned that WiFi might not work but Ubuntu found it during installation and connected on all four machines.I have tried about twenty LInux distributions and settled on Ubuntu because it: a. gets the job done, b. is simple and straightforward, and c. is well supported.I had to search around the Package Manager for a couple of Windows replacement programs but in end I was able to divorce myself from Windows and fully embrace Unbuntu.