Which operating system is the best?

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)
82% (7404 votes)
Windows XP
8% (707 votes)
Windows Vista
3% (292 votes)
Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
7% (630 votes)
Total votes: 9033


Can't Log-in into my Ubuntu Desktop

Hi, i am new user of ubuntu and by setting up my desktop, i was dowloawding some packages through synaptics, while durring dowloading it i logout by mistake and after that till now i could'nt log-in into my Ubuntu desktop. i enter my username and then passward and then the blank screen comes infron of me and i can't do anything on it. so could some one please help on this. how do i restore my Ubuntu on its previous state back?or what should i do now?thanks,sheraz

There're serious

There're serious instabilities with nvidia-legacy chips and xorg in gutsy.I hope someone is fixing it and will make run a pc with B-Athlon, KT133 and GF2MX out of the box.I vote for dapper that still features desktop support.

Can't you re-install?

If it's a fresh install can't you just re-install?

Well, nvidia-legacy CHIPS or

Well, nvidia-legacy CHIPS or drivers? :) I've got nVidia GeForce 7600 GT 512 MB and everything is perfect. I used to work with nvidia-glx, later I tried nvidia-glx-new. Now I've uninstalled ubuntu nvidia proprietory drivers and everything connected having done a fresh install of nvidia linux drivers from their official site after that. I should say I'm totally amazed with the system efficiency. It's really faster and provides better 3D rendering than my Windoze does. P.S. Your xorg config could be messed up or something but there are simply no "instabilities" at all, dude. I've tried tried different sys ops under ubuntu. All of them worked "out of the box" even with Compiz :)

Slackware :)

Slackware :)

Stupid poll

If this was a forum about the Mac then Mac would. And if this was a forum about Windows, Windows would get more votes. But it'sa forum about Ubuntu so obviously Ubuntu will get the most votes.