Ubuntu Package Install : deb sh bin tar.gz

I recently installed ubuntu on my machine which already had vista. After installing, I had to install several other softwares on ubuntu to get my work done. And the softwares were of different formats like deb, bin ...
for which I had to google every time. On this blog, I have tried to accumulate those different methods.

sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb [ to install]

run ./file_name.sh

chmod a+x file_name.bin
sudo ./file_name.bin


first uncompress and then after getting in the folder , run these commands
make install

make unistall [if u wanna uninstall]

Hope this should help them who are puzzled in installing different packages.


.deb packages are

.deb packages are automatically handled by ubuntu. so a double click is what its needed to get it installed.

.sh -> I just double click it and let it run or if i need to see whats going on i let it 'run in terminal' from the options that comes when you open it.

chmod on terminal is fast but i usually right click, go to permissions and check make it executable and then run it.

make and make install doesnt have any GUI equivalent. if this can also be changed to a GUI, installing apps would be a breeze.

A GUI for compiling source?

@ sajesh:

Wait, wut?

You don't have a clue what you're doing, do you. Here. I'll toss you one:



The Doctor and his attitude

You know "doctor" your attitude shows your windows background. Go look up the meaning of Ubuntu! Even you oh great guru had to learn sometime - and hopefully your instructor was a bit nicer than you were to Sajesh.

All of these download questions can be quickly answered by going to the Debian/Ubuntu portal where all the necessary downloads are separated by category.
http://www.appnr.com Free and easy downloads - and a screen shot and review if you want them.