Help Needed Installing 9.04 fr LiveCD: Installation Stuck at Welcome Screen

Hey guys, I decided to get Ubuntu finally on one of my computers. I downloaded that new Jackalope thing and burned it. I then popped it into my desktop and the installation screen and logo came up. I hit "Install Ubuntu" and the only thing that happens is this pop-up that says, "live-install" Thats it. I press okay, nothing. Please help!!!


: Trouble Installing 9.04 fr LiveCD
Okay, I'll need more info, so I'll ask:

  • Is there a menu option to "Check CD for Defects"?
  • What is the video card make & model? Is it confirmed to be compatible?

ps/ pls consider more descriptive title to help those that come after us.


Thank you very much for replying. I have an nVidia Vanata Lt and an ATI Rage XL. I don't know which one is more compatible, but I can swap them.
And yes, there is an option to check CD for defects, but all that happens is a popup pops up that says, "Check CD for Defects", just like my original problem.
Thanks for helping.