Can somebody help me please..,(..its my first time to use linux and i bought my laptop less than a week only but many problems i just a normal pc user and some of my friends cant help me bcoz they are familiar with microsoft os.I have Toshiba nb 100-127,without CD drive.below is the screen shot appearing on my pc..thnx very much in advance

Starting up...
usplash: setting mode 1024x768 failed
usplash: using mode 800x600
kinit: name_to_dev_t(/dev/sda1) = sda1(8,1)
kinit: trying to resume from /dev/sda1
kinit: no resume image,doing normal boot...

Ubuntu 8.04.1 toshiba-user tty1

Need more info to help you...

Did you setup this laptop when you bought it? Or did it do this the first time you turned it on?

Is there a line that ends with "login:" ?

If so, can you type in it? (just try typing letters, do not hit enter)