hey all.

im running a toshiba laptop with a centrino 2 dual-core processor (2.13GhZ) with 4GB RAM and an ATI Mobility HD 3650 graphics card.

i installed Ubuntu 9.04 and everything was sweet, no worries.

then i restarted the computer. BIG MISTAKE

as soon as it rebooted the graphics were pixellated and everything was that fluoro green and pink.

im stressing out and using the vista section of my partition (as i have set up a multi boot), to ask on here but from the sound of things im assuming that my problem is in the graphics and i cant figure out how to default the VESA drivers.

any help would be greatly appreciated as i'm quite new to Linux and command lines haha.

kind regards


Look at . Maybe you need to put xforcevesa in your boot line.

tried the above

okay i tried the above to no luck. i was up till 3 this morning trying every conceivable command in the boot line to no avail. when it boots it goes through the Ubuntu splash load screen then goes blank.

Hi robbo... when you did your

Hi robbo...
when you did your install, did you install any proprietary drivers? The reason I ask, is because every time I've installed ati or nvidia drivers I always end up uninstalling them. (I could never get a 1400x900 screen size on my acer display.)
Hope this helps.
if all else fails & you haven't gone too far a re-install might be in order (as a last resort).