Wireless Being Weird

Well i got the wireless to work out of the Box. But after each restart something weird happens. It decides that it does not want to work, and i have to reconfigure the connection. But it does connect to my neighbors unprotected network no problem. Just not my own router that i have WPA pre shared key set up with.

I am connecting to a linksys wireless/wired router. I really do not know what other information I can supply as I am new to linux as of two days ago. If anyone has any idea as to how I can fix this problem it would be of help. Mainly because this computer is going to be used as a public computer for my house and most who use it will not be able to reconfigure the access all of the time.


I've seen a number of circumstances where computers will not connect to WPA networks but will connect to either WEP networks or networks with no encryption at all.

In my experience, this generally has to do with the wireless card in the computer, I'd be surprised if it were a router, especially if other devices can connect to it.

What kind of computer are you using and what kind of wireless card have you got in it? What flavor of Linux are you using?

Grace and peace.