Trying to boot from 8.10 CD

After booting with the CD inserted I arrive at the screen with the option "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer". After selecting this option I see a bar graph on the monitor that indicates progress. Once that bar graph reaches maximum the screen goes black. The cursor is visible and responsive but otherwise the screen is blank. Waiting doesn't seem to help.

Any suggestions?

I'm eager to install ubuntu, but if I can't get it to work from the CD I don't see any point in going for a full install.


check cd

have you check the cd for any defect? i am sure there is an option to check it once booted...


Yes I did. It checked out just fine. BTW - I didn't make this CD, I requested a free one and it was mailed to me. Also, I did burn a CD for ubuntu 9.04 with the same result. So I'm guessing it's not the CD's.

screen resolution anyone?

im not sure..but my windows have same problem if i use low resolution monitor to a set to high resolution desktop...get what i mean?

i thing normally Ubuntu's standart resolution is 1024x768.. i think lah..maybe you can change Ubuntu setting somehow...huhu

btw, can u give ur desktop/laptop specs?

screen resolution anyone?

The computer is a Dell 2300 (yeah, it's old).

Pentium 4 processor - 2.0 Ghz
640 MB RAM

I'm using a standard run-of-the-mill Dell monitor set at 1024 x 768.

The current OS is XP home w/ sp3.

I'm sick of Windows and I'm really looking forward to the challenges I'm sure to face with ubuntu.

screen resolution anyone?

hi joonyer77,
maybe you should go to
there is a forum about Dell Ubuntu Support..
im sure you can find more support there :)

screen resolution anyone?

Thanks for the link - it's been very informative.

I can't say I've found a solution but I have arrived at a compromise . I gave up trying to install from a CD and I installed directly from this site:" " .

The upshot is that I now have a functioning install.

Maybe after I learn to use it I'll be able to figure out what I did wrong in the first place.

Thanks for your help.

Screen issue

I had a similar problem. It is a video card support issue with Xserver. You have to manually set the Xserver settings but I forget how I did that. Try finding a way to manually set the options or download the Jaunty 9.04 distribution from Ubuntu's website. They may have resolved the issue.