login and password for Ubuntu 9.04

During installation from CD of Ubuntu 9.04, the login screen came up asking for login and password, but during the installation I was never given the opportunity to create a login and password. Now I am stuck at the login screen and can go no further. What are my options?


hi reinhart,
during installation, Ubuntu came up asking for login and password. i'm sure you did enter the login and password.. otherwise you could not proceed to next step..
but what do you mean you was not given the opportunity to create login and password?
if you forget login/password, i'm not sure how to retrieve them. but you can try read here http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword


Have you tried using the username root with password rootmein. This is the default root name and password. Once rooted, you can set the username and password from the user management in system settings.