Ubuntu meets Vodafone Mobile Connect

I've just invested in a Dell Mini 10 netbook and, like a typical Yorkshireman, I've opted for Ubuntu over Windows as a cost saving exercise.

I've just discovered that Vodafone don't support Linux operating systems and so I'm struggling to use my Blackberry 9000 (Bold) as a tethered modem.

Can anyone help with advice/tips??

HTC Touch Pro

I don't have Blackberry, but I do have a HTC Touch Pro and I have used this as a tethered modem on various Linux boxes including two netbooks (Acer One and Asus Eeepc). This works without installing anything on the Linux side. On the netbooks I use Ubuntu Netbook Remix (which is fantastic) and on the Desktops Kubuntu 9.04 (32bit and 64bit). You connect the phone via USB cable to the machine and then Network management takes care of you automatically.

On Windows you need Microsoft Active Sync for the tethering to work. Even VPN tunneling works without problems.

On the phone I use ICS (internet connection sharing) via Windows Mobile 6.1

I would suggest that you experiment with a Windows box and Microsoft Active Sync. If you can get you blackberry to work with Windows via Active sync, you should have no problems with Linux.

blackberry tethering

I might have a possible solution to the tethering problem. See post: http://linux.digitalsp.com/2009/07/use-your-blackberry-phone-as-modem.html

Tried Betavine?

Have you tried Betavine on your Dell mini 10? It's a pilot project from Vodafone and supplies drivers to deploy onto the Ubuntu distribution of the Linux operating system.

Betavine works just fine on

Betavine works just fine on the Dell Mini 10V. Remember to run it as root!