Ubuntu hangs at boot with video card

I finally got Ubuntu 9.04 installed and all was well.

But I couldn't leave well enough alone.

I installed a video card - NVIDIA Ge Force 5200 (256MB).

Now Ubuntu hangs at the boot screen and I have to manually shut down to reboot. I tried reinstalling - didn't help.

Here's the specs:

Dell Dimension 2300
windows XP sp3
Pentium 4 - 2 Ghz
640 MB RAM
160 GB Hard Drive

Also - ubuntu is installed inside windows xp. I installed the driver that came with the card.The card works fine in windows.

I'd love to hear any suggestions.

Any ideas?


Wubi ?

I assume that you are using WUBI ("ubuntu installed inside windows xp"). Some hardware is not fully compatible with the generic drivers and will hang on boot. There are special overrides (workarounds) you can put in by hitting escape after selecting Ubuntu from your boot menu. What those overrides are I don't know. These workarounds would normally be created for you automatically by a good installer program. I would suggest researching grub4dos (I think that is what Wubi is using).

If you do get a workaround that will get you to boot in Ubuntu you should try to get the correct Nvidia driver for you card - otherwise the performance would be lousy. There is a applet that will do that for you "Hardware Drivers". If that does not work try using a program called Envy NG: http://www.albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html

Other suggestions:
- Don't be afraid of dual booting. Defrag you windows partition before doing a dual boot installation. Boot from a Live CD and the installer program will automatically shrink your windows partition and do everything for you. I've done this a million times and it works every time.
- If one Linux distro does not detect your hardware - don't give up - try others. An excellent distro to try when you are facing hardware detection issues is: http://www.sabayonlinux.org/

one possible solution

hi there,

This kind of things keep happening with nvidia cards. Did you try recovery mode and use the xfix option in the resulted menu? In this way, the system will launch the default graphic card driver.

I have an older nvidia card than yours and have jaunty installed. From time to time, I would encounter 'booting stunning', which means after the login splash screen, I have nothing but black screen. In this situation, I have no option but to turn off the computer manually. And after applying xfix, it works fine only without 3D support. And then 're-activate' the proper nvidia driver in 'Hardware Drivers'. This will bring back the functional nvidia card, although I'm not sure what is exactly going on there : )