prob : connexion under console with ubuntu 9.04

Hi ubuntu community, i'm glad to be among you, this is my first post here, and i would like to share some problems.

i'm running ubuntu 9.04 in a virtual machine (VMware workstation6.5 ) under Windows 2000. The company where i'm working are using a "static Ip" , so i had to configure the IP adress, gateway, layer, DNS and the proxy. when i'm loading web pages it works fine, but when i want to register Nessus, under console of course, it gaves me this msg:
Could not resolve ''
Could not resolve ''
Could not open connection to
i figure that it's about https(443). but apt-get does not work as well.
so i'm stuck.
any ideas plz

need to export proxy

you will need to run the following command.
export "http_proxy="

how !

thanks man

if just you can clirefy the meaning of somethings:

username, password and the proxy : should i write them as they are ( because of @).
what about the port, do u mean 443 ?

thanks again



write it out as it is e.g
the port refers to the proxy port ( as you mentioned in your post that you use proxy server) and username and password are for proxy auth, it can be ommited if your proxy is an unauthenticated proxy server. also proxy server can be written as an ip instead of FQDN.