Graphics Problem

Hi guys,

I have a graphics problem.

The System -> Administration -> Hardware drivers gives me a list of nVidia drivers, but when I activate one of them (the 180 one) it says upon restart that something is wrong with my graphics configuration and it is reverting back to generic configuration.

This is the error I get before I get the above mentioned error.



Similar error

I had a similar error that seemed to be a conflict between the nVidia driver and the standard resolution/display tool. Eventually my xorg.conf configuration file had to be rebuilt. It sucked--all I wanted to do was to play StarCraft in VirtualBox ;-)

My gerry-rigged solution was was this:

* Allowed my xorg.conf to be dumped and replaced with the standard option
* Booted into low-graphics GUI
* Uninstalled the nVidia tool for setting the resolution and other options (called NVIDIA XSERVER SETTINGS in the repositories)
* Rebooted
* Set my display with System > Preferences > Display
* Got an error, allowed settings to reset
* Opened "Change Desktop Background" and then tried to change the display again
* This worked, didn't switch to low-resolution or color
* Reinstalled NVIDIA XSERVER SETTINGS from the repositories

Then, when I need to change the resolution,

*First, change using NVIDIA XSERVER SETTINGS tool
*To change back, open the "Change Desktop Background" and then use the System > Preferences > Display to change the resolution

Good luck! Not sure if the Change Desktop Background trick works for everyone or is some kink with the nVidia 180 driver. Any body else in the comments have a similar issue or whatnot?