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I am new to Ubuntu, I want to change /etc/bash.bashrc file.
I googled it and I got by giving 'gksudo nautilus' in Alt+F2 window, we can get root window and change the file permission.

my doubt is:
1) I want to change the file permission from (terminal) command line; not using gksudo... option. How to do this?

Pls guide.



Edit Permission

Hi Viswan,

Why don't you just change your own .bashrc?

Every user on a Linux system has his/her own .bashrc in the home directory. It is much easier and safer to edit that file rather than the system /etc/bash.bashrc file. Unless you are using a multi-user system, this would be your best solution.

Good Luck!

Like said it's easier to make

Like said it's easier to make your own one.

But if you want to change file premisions you can do that with the command chown with as first argument the mode you want the file in as octal number (with a 0 in front of it) and as second argument the file.
example 'sudo chmod 0777 /etc/bash.bashrc' (this will do what you wan't but makes the file editable by everyone so it's pretty insecure)

for more info about file modes check google