Hello ubuntu world,
i am fairly new to linux and i have encountered a non life threating problem,however it is a killer headace.I have my laptop running ubuntu and it so happens to be hooked up to my LCD screen TV through the VGA output.when the computer boots up all the way to but before the login screen of linux i have the display working just fine,(so the system recognizes the tv!) but once i login i lose the dispay.can you please help.i open an application under the applications/other/display and monitors which seems to be the place to direct and enable the output setting to the tv but it is all disabled.on the top of the application it displays "you must click the adminastrar button to change the setting,Root access required" i kept my patience and worked with it until i found that dragging the bottom part of this window unhides the set of buttons,one being "Admin mode" so i was quite happy and clicked it,but nothing happend and infact the msg is again displayed about root access.?????! and i am lost never to be found again right there!!! can you please help!?



I have almoste the same prob.

My grafik is an nVidia...I just made it to install the right pakage (NVidia x Server driver version 173.14.16).

well the prob is after the laptop recognise the TV and choosing some prefearances
I get no pic at all.
In anyway it? not possible to save the changes because no root rights...I tryde to give a right to every user to the spcific .conf file it doesn work :-/

than I thought it may be the TV because it? an 100hz and the VGA give out 60hz
but I thing low on faster works and fast on low not.

I also tryed to copy the .config file got it work but the nVidia application doesn find it anymore....

what ever...I need help
please do a discription to use the xscreen nVidia application and how to use it with root rights

thanks a lot

best regards