Upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 - now no sound!


I installed ubuntu 8.04 yesterday and all was ok but when I went to listen to some videos via Youtube- I don't have any sound for playbacks.

I kept getting an error message (which I can't remember now) about Gstreamer plugins so I went to Package Manager to reinstall but still no luck

I have installed Volume Applet 2.22.2 and PulseAudio but still no joy

I have no knowledge or experience of Linux and Ubuntu - so please explain as if I was 5 years old!

What can I do?

Really, really appreciate any advice - should I take the Volume and PulseAudio off?


Look here...

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No sound

PulseAudio is likely to blame. It does not work well on some systems.

Things to look at:

Do you get any sound or is it just in Youtube? If only the latter, have you added the restricted-extras? This is done in Synaptic. Just Search (not Quick Search) for 'restricted' and install ubuntu-restricted-extras.

Is it muted? If it is then unmute and try again. Right click on the speaker icon in the system tray (top right).

Are the sliders checked and slid to the top? I am using Karmic (9.10) so I can't tell you precisely what it is in 8.04. They have made changes. However, right click on the speaker icon or Go to System, Preferences, Sound. There should be a series of sliders. You may have one muted or slid down that should be slid to the top.

As a last resort, remove PulseAudio and use ALSA. It works better for most people and is reliable.

BTW, how does one upgrade to 8.04. It is a year and a half old and half way through its lifecycle. What did you use before? Just curious.