adsl modem speedtouch 330

well here goes
i have a dell inspiron which i bravely converted to ubuntu,OK for spreadsheets,word docs and worked fine with a dongle
come the end of the season i plugs in the speedtouch modem,for the first time and it don't want to play at all.
i download the driver package, the firmware extractor and then find i need the "idiots guide to Linux"
this man does not know where shell is, or how to input commands or move directorys, 10yrs of windows, 59 yrs of age. burn out!!!!
does anyone have a simple, very simple step by step how to guide for the installation of drivers for the above modem.
oh yes and you cant reinstall vista, once you have installed ubuntu ( i found that one out for myself)



There used to be trouble with the Speedtouch. I have had on for years and never used it. The problems now seem to be solved.

Look here:

Ubuntu Forums - Absolute Beginner Talk -
Kubuntu Forums - Help the New Guy -

Basic Toolkit
1) Download the Linux Starter Pack -
2) Look at the UNOFFICIAL Ubuntu Guide -
3) Look at Psychocats -
4) Download the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference -

thats one crappy modem!

according to the wiki page it is very problematic:

take a look at and see that helps you get it up and running.