su: Authentication failure?

xxbeh@wsLinux:~$ whoami
xxbeh@wsLinux:~$ su
su: Authentication failure

I am sure I remember the password I choosed at the start during the installation, on this way:

I told the system I am going to use xxbeh as login, and now while I try to change the user from xxbeh to root I get su: Authentication failure



nice ...

Thank you very much, but I don't remark the difference, it seems like I can do everything with the user I created at the beginning: xxheb!

change root password


I had the same prob. after a wile surching I found a fantastic solution :-)

open up your terminal and do:

solution 1

your xxbeh password
type new password and confirm


In Ubuntu, by default, there is not really a root user, but only root access which can be gained using sudo, for instance, to update your repository list:

:~$sudo apt-get update

Root is created without predefined password, it does not have a password, but it does not have an empty password either, you just can't login!!!

solution 3

:~$ sudo sh

solution 4

Launch a shell as root. Therefore, using sudo you can type:

~$ sudo passwd
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:

so easy when you know ;-)

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Sounds like you are running as root all the time if you can do anything without having to do a special login for privileges...Maybe you did something at install time to allow this [tho not sure that is possible] however I'm not an advanced enough user to give you any possibilities to work with here.
I've been getting the same
'....Password: su: Authentication failure' when I try to use super user. And I didn't understand anything that was said in this post as being about fixing it. It seemed like a bunch of work around behaviour.
I know I set mine up correctly at installation and I believe something happened during installation or after fact that disallows me su privileges. Not sure if I should have started nuthur thread for this but if no help here I guess I will. So anyone pleeez chime in and let us know how to allow su privileges as they were suppose to be there from beginning? Thanx %:))SW
It happens in 9.04-10.04 most of the time.
Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

Thanks, that was really

Thanks, that was really helpful. :)

su problem

It seems the default setup for Ubuntu is to lock the root password and users should use the sudo command. This is explained in the link posted earlier.

you make it look so hard

# sudo su
# passwd
then you will get .
new passwd entry x2
that is it.

if you allready root just type passwd

and your login passwd the one you used on install can be found at manage user in your menu ..