Gateway Solo 9300

Whenever I try to run Ubuntu 9.04 Live ISO Install disk on my gateway solo 9300 it comes up with the following errors:

udevd-event [2686] 'path_id/devices/platform/i8024/scrio1/input/input6/mouse1' abnormal exit

udevd-event [2688] 'path_id/devices/platform/i8024/scrio1/input/input6/event6' abnormal exit

udevd-event [2142] '/sbin/modprobe -b pci:v0000125Db00001978sv0000107Bsd00009300bc04sc0100' abnormal exit

It doesn't like my drivers. It has no operating system. It has the gateway restoration cd 3.5 data on it. any help?


How much RAM memory have you got?

Wikipedia says the System Requirements are: Memory Minimum 256 MB Recommended 384 MB (With compositing)

The Desktop disk (LiveCD) will use 300Mb+ to install. It is running live AND installing. The Alternate disk (straight install) will use 64Mb to install.

I am writing this on a P3 using Crunchbang Linux, an Ubuntu derivative.

Either max out the RAM or use a lighter version

9.04 install failure on 9300

Same problem on my 9300 288MB and Compaq Armada E-500 256MB. Same result when trying to install CrunchbangLinux 9.04 Lite.(Segmentation failure). Ubuntu 8.10 loaded and installed great on both computers. Installed updates, upgraded to 9.04, then to 9.10. You can get a free Xubuntu Alternate Install CD 9.10 from I remove all the packages I'll never use before updating or upgrading. I use ubucleaner or bleachbit to clean everything up.


My computer has 416MB RAM [should be 928MB but bios only reads half of the 512 mem]
{322 ON-BOARD M_CH2 [extended] 128 MB mapped M_CH3 [extended] 512 MB unmapped [interleaved device].

This is not a memory issue.

People seem to think that it is incapatable with my system.

Gateway 9300 ubuntu 9.10 works when 9.04 did not

I have a 9300 solo VE working with Ubuntu 9.10. I had problems with 9.04 but I put in a bigger hard drive and change the dvdrom. It is working fine with Ubuntu 9.10