ubuntu software centre problem (9.10)

I'm using ubuntu 9.10, first few days ubuntu software centre worked smoothly, but days later it doesn't work properly. I mean if I click the install button it doesn't install the application, it doesn't shows any error. it freezed. what should i do?

Try running this command in a

Try running this command in a terminal:
sudo dpkg --configure -a when that finishes then these twosudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

BTW Is this an upgrade or fresh install?

fresh installation

fresh installation

Problem with Ubuntu Software Center

I am having a similar problem. I have three computers using Ubuntu. A really old P3, a 64 bit Athlon and a 32 bit athlon 2Ghz.

The oldest and the newest are running OK, it is the 32 bit Athlon that I can't get Ubuntu Software Center running on. It ran OK for two weeks after upgrading to Karmic, but last week it stopped running after downloading updates.

What it does is it opens a window for a couple of seconds and then dissapears.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it via synaptic manager as well as command line. Nothing seems to work.

At the same time Rhythmbox and Amarok also stopped working.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this a common problem?


Ubuntu Software Center close down problem

OK I'm new to Linux, but I like the general look & feel of it.
I have the same problem with 9.10. At first Software Centre worked fine. I updated and was trying to get DVD's to play (my own recorded on a DVD recorder) with no luck. After downloading the suggested DVD playback plugins - still no DVD success but now Software Centre won't start. It comes on for about 1/2 sec and dissapears. The same thing happens with Movie Player. I fully re-installed 9.10 and the updates and exactly the same result. I'm using an A-bit KT7A with Athlon 2200 and 1Gig mem.

I made a fresh installation

I made a fresh installation of Ubuntu Koala 9.10
the Software centre does not work ! when I click the install button it doesn't install the application, it doesn't shows any error. it freezes without doing any thing. what should I do?
I ticked the 2 basic repositories and I made a reload but it still the same !
Please help me !
It makes me crazy !


OK so like I said, I'm no expert, very much a newby. I have found that after a fresh install of 9.10 you cannot install anything with Software Center until after you have updated your system.
Click "System", Administration, Update Manager, Check (then enter your admin password when prompted - the password you gave when you installed 9.10) and install the updates.

After this your software center should work OK.

If you have already been through this process then I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

I'm still having problems with DVD playback. All goes wrong after installing "ubuntu-restricted-extras" seems to cause duplicate Gstreamer entries (typed "software-center" in a terminal). If I remove them with "synaptic package manager" my software center works again - still can't get any DVD to play.

I'm going insane starting with fresh installs all the time and trying different methods to get this going - but I guess that's a different thread. Pointers please anyone!

same here

stewy, Not sure it helps but I have almost the same rig, same ubuntu version and same problem after opening up a movie file. (which also will not play) I am running it as an AVI and MPEG file and not from the optical drive. I have reinstalled twice and it is repeatable so it has something to do with MPlayer... I think


same thing here


Not sure if this will help but when I googled about my problem getting the software center to actually INSTALL software, I ran across a posting where someone noted they'd accidentally installed the KDE Software Center instead of Gnome (on Gnome). I searched through the Synaptic Package Mgr and discovered I'd installed some sort of KDE help applet and apparently that's all it took to make the Software Center not work because once I uninstalled it, the SC works fine.

Hope this helps!

JL (noob!)

sudo software-center

open a terminal and type

sudo software-center

after that try installing or removing programs from the Software Center.
that worked for me.
good luck!


I just love the Ubuntu platform, but still the best part of it is the freeware part :). I mean it cannot get any better than this, am puzzled how windows is till selling, maybe because not many for software for windows work on Ubuntu but still.