Problem installing 9.10

I´m pretty new to linux I used Xubuntu once yet I tried to install Ubuntu 9.10 now but it appears to be a problem because the installation ends completely well yet when I try to run it it reads that my hard drive is not existente ( i got sure I wasn´t installing it into a portable hard drive) and I ´ve tried to install it several times quite frankly it´s getting on my nerves. Does anybody know what could be happening?

Hey... Well I'm a newbie too

Well I'm a newbie too n n got a few problems of my own while installation of Ubuntu as well, although they were'nt the same as yours, but this just might help. uninstal or delete the files that were loaded on ur pc if any... start the installation process again and select a different partition than the one where Windows is loaded. All my problems got rectified after doing this - hope this helps u. ciao

Have you tried searching the site?

It really helps those you're asking for help to know what you're trying to do exactly, what specific hard ware is involved, what you've done, what the results were....