Having issues with my dual-boot with XP

I've dual-booted XP and Ubuntu (XP installed first) and I've been having some issues getting back into XP when I need to. Whenever I reboot, I go into GRUB and I choose the XP partition (/dev/sda2), it just starts up recovery and I can't boot XP, but when I'm in Ubuntu I can go in the HD and see all the files and I see nothing wrong at all with anything. I think it has something to do with the startup command. Please help.

Can you post the output

Can you post the output of
sudo fdisk -l

An oldie but a goody?

I agree with the post above, there is nothing wrong with that.

Have you at any time changed the boot order so that XP boots first?

In the old(er) way of doing that, it would boot by numbers 1)Linux 2)Recovery 3)Memtest 4)XP. You could then tell it to boot 4 first.

BUT. If you updated and acquired a new kernel it would become 1)Linux 2)Recovery 3)Linux 4) Recovery 5)Memtest and 6)XP. If you had told it to boot 4 first it would now be Recovery and not XP!

In the new(er) way of doing that, it takes into account new kernels and the problem does not occur.

Maybe...Just MAYBE...You need to install startup-manager and change the order in there.

Hi racer, can you post the

Hi racer,
can you post the section of your menu.lst that shows the active boot list?
Also, "...I choose the XP partition (/dev/sda2)", if you installed xp first, I believe it should be at sda1.
Probably not important, but which version of linux are you using?

I'm not sure about that

I don't have a lot of experience in linux, but last night I installed Ubuntu 9.10. This version uses GRUB2, which makes "menu.lst" obsolete. I couldn't even find it. My problem was different, but you could probably try finding a solution here. It helped me at least