Karmic Netbook Remix list of problems


Firstly, I'm a full on Noob but I'm learning fast. If you do happen to have any fixes for me, please be really descriptive so that I can follow. Tx :-)

I finally had enough of Windows and 3 weeks ago I bombed it and clean installed 9.10 desktop version on my Gigabyte T1028M Netbook. I had a lot of problems with it, the worst of which was that it did a lot of hanging all the time. Someone told me how to check cpu compatibility in /var/log/dmesg and it turns out that Intel Atom is not on the list. So then I installed Netbook Remix over that and the hanging problem was solved. But I am having other problems now. Here are a few:

1] No touchpad. I've spent a week with this and have found no fix anywhere. Its making me crazy. There are no options for touchpad within System>Preferences>Mouse. I have a suspition it has to do with the fact that the T1028 has a multitouch touchpad (1,2 and 3 finger gestures. Very handy feature)

2] When I plug the charger in or unplug the computer goes into hibernation. This also happened with the 9.10 desktop version. I hate it because after waking up again I get problems reconnecting to the wifi and then need to reboot.

3] I have reconfigured Netbook Remix to look more like the desktop version. If I try to open Accessories>Panel I get no response. The little turning icon shows for 15 seconds and then nothing happens. UNR has only the top panel by default but I would like to have a panel along the bottom of the screen too.

4] The touchscreen wasn't working until I installed a Touchscreen Callibration app that got it working. But I have to callibrate it every second day or it becomes inaccurate.

I would love to hear from anyone who can help with any of the above. Thanks

Look at...

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