modem driver installation for Agere Systems


I bought a Toshiba Satellite A305-S6872 laptop with Agere Systems internal modem (recognized as "Toshiba Software modem").

I have Ubuntu 9.0 installed on my laptop and want to use internet connection using ubuntu.

So I downloaded the GNOME-APP package and finally after all configuration when I click CONNECT button it responds "No Modems Installed"

Can anyone please tell me:

1. where I can get the drivers for this internal modem
2. how to install it and configure my modem for use in ubuntu

you may also use the following e-mail for your kind response: or

Thanks in advance


I couldn't use the dictionary

I couldn't use the dictionary in my Ubuntu. When I tried to use I get internet address. Should we be online all the time to get a simple dictionary meaning? Ubuntu 9.10 version is very difficult for a simple computer user like me. One has to download every single piece of software for installation. Please use the above address for any help.

agere internal modem driver in ubuntu 9.10


and follow the instructions

arulmozhi r