Limewire freezes everything on 9.10

Ubuntu newby here.....
I just installed Limewire and every time I try to use it, it freezes my computer. I can't do ctrl + F2 or anything to close the app. Only thing that works is manually powering off the computer. Please help? I've also tried to uninstall Limewire, but can't figure out how to do that either. It doesn't appear in the add/remove window.

Frostwire is a Limewire alternative

Have you tried Frostwire as an alternative? It is available from If you have used Getdeb in the past they have changed it. You need to add the getdeb repositories to apt/Synaptic. In the past you could browse and install from the internet.

Go to:


Enter in a terminal: sudo

Enter in a terminal:
sudo apt-get remove limewire