Out Of Range on Nvidia

Hi there.

I am new to Ubuntu since about 5 hours ago, and I have a problem using my Nvidia AGP graphics card.

The glowing ubuntu logo shows up but after that my monitor displays a message saying "Out of range 59Hz". My monitors optimal is 60Hz @ 1680 x 1050. This setup works fine on my on-board graphics but not on my Nvidia 7600.

Unfortunately I have no clue as how to install Nvidia drivers and all the solutions I have seen are way too complex and I just don't understand them. I will try to take in as much as I can. Thank you.

Try this to resolve your issue

once you get to that error screen of "out of range"
press Ctrl, Alt and a plus sign '+'
You may have to do this few times before you can see desktop.

once you see your ubuntu desktop,
just go to setting and install hardware drivers