Help Installing

I am running install from a disc on a new, blank hard drive (on a desktop - older Compaq). While Ubuntu is loading, installing, it just goes straight to a blank screen without a cursor. I have done some Internet searches and it appears others have this issue but I am not seeing any resolution. Can someone please assist?


I assume 9.10 install screen blanking

I could not do a thing with 9.04 install from a disc. Had to upgrade from 8.10, and then removed the garbage like Gnome games, Open Office, etc. Then I got a 9.10 disc and tried it on another 256MB LAPTOP. I did live disc first, then installed. Removed the junk programs I'd never use, and it runs fast and smooth. I run BleachBit and
ubucleaner to clean up and remove dead files, kernels, etc. Just don't check passwords and places.You'll lose bookmarks. I'd love to try Linux Mint 8, but not enough ram in my old Gateway 9300 or Compaq Armada E-500 to install. Even Crunchbang Linux won't install from a "lite" install disc. Maybe the 9.10 "lite" version for Crunchbang will work. As Clinton would say, "I feel your pain." I have no idea about some Ubuntu things, but installing from a CD I'm the guy. I must have installed Ubuntu 50 times in various editions! Good Luck!