new to ubuntu and linux

can any one explain in easy terms how to install amsn so i cn get messanger some one help please.



Go to Terminal and then type:

sudo apt-get install amsn

Enter root password and reply Yes in case of any question.
Then you will found amsn in Applications->Internet.

You don't have to use the terminal

You can install amsn from the repositories using Synaptic. You don't have to use the terminal and it is generally not helpful to advise newbies to use the terminal unless they specifically ask for such help. Using the terminal is only easier if you are used to it. It can be daunting for someone not used to it. It also gives the wrong impression to new users, that Linux is hard. It isn't.

Go to: System, Administration, Synaptic. When the programme opens, provide your password. Search for amsn (not Quick Search). Right click on AMSN in the list generated by the search. Click Mark for installation. Click on Apply.

There are several other programmes to consider including, Telepathy, Pidgin and Kopete. All will get the job done, but they are not equally good. Try them and see which one suits you best. You can de-install in the same way. Instead of Mark for Installation, choose Mark for Removal.