Motion detection using Multiple cameras

Hello everyone!

I'm using Motion in Ubuntu for my home security. For one camera, it works very well. But when I have used two cameras, only one is performing. The pther one is not functioning! I have checked the config file and two Thread files.

Can any one please help me in this regard?

Thanks in advance



Motion with multiple camera's

Hi,I hope this problem is just two months old and not one year. I'm allways confused if it's the eleventh month and the first day or the first month and the eleventh day.

I have been running motion with 2 (USB) webcam's for about 5 months now. Both did store an image on time based interval (every our) and saved 5 post capture images after detecting motion.

Then I decided to add a framegrabber (Easycap) after which I noticed it gave no image OR stoped one of the other two camera's from giving an image. Viewing the messages from motion (started with the -c /etc/ben.conf , making it show most messages instead of verbose) shows me errors which seem related to the lack of USB bandwidth.

Currently I'm running motion with one camera because I can not find out how to arrange my USB devices so that I get bandwidth back for both of the USB camera's (One Logitech Quickcam 9000, one cheap 2 MP Ebay model)

The solution would be to add an USB 2.0 host controller but i'm running on a Nettop without expansion possibilities so that's not an option. I'm awaiting an Ebay order for an Atom D510 with PCI expansion slot and will add an USB 2.0 hostcontroller to that.

Can you post the motion messages ? Or send them by email ?