really need some help here

OK so ive wasted all my cd-r trying to install and boot ubuntu 9.10 on my hp laptop. the i386.iso. well anyway, I put ubuntu on a flash drive just so i could have an os because i already deleted windows and such. Is there any way for my to use the ubuntu thats the removable os right now to get an actual OS of ubuntu onto this computer.

Sounds tricky.

My experience has been to let the Linux distribution, in this case Ubuntu, do the formatting of the hard drive. I haven't done any research on how securely the old data is deleted, but since they usually use a different file system (I think it is called EXT3 or EXT4 instead of NTFS), my guess is it is better than formatting.
Getting to the nitty gritty, can you tell us a bit about your computer, what year it was made, how much RAM it has, and what sort of error messages (if any) that you are getting. At this stage my guesses are either there is a problem in the boot sequence or you have selected the wrong OS type for your computer.
The boot sequence pops up at the start of booting and is something like pressing F1 when the first lot of text appears.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to ask, when you made the CD, you should have recorded it at the lowest speed possible without other programs running. I know this takes longer, but on rare occasions the data doesn't write correctly, thus corrupting the disk. As Karaton (below) says, you should be able to run the computer from the live disk. From the sounds of it, you can't even do that, which points back to the CD / CD drive as one reason for your problem.
Another possibility for corrupted discs is the laser in the CD writer has died. The ones in computers have a limited life, so if you do a lot of writing you should buy a dedicated writer. My experience is they actually are faster than the built in one as well (although that may be just the age of my computers). If it has died, it may be cheaper to buy a dedicated writer than to get the drive repaired.

If you already have it on a

If you already have it on a USB drive, you're halfway there:

Try those installation instructions. You may need to get a secondary USB stick, or reformat the current one you have in order to get the installation files onto the USB drive, but it should work for you.

Need more information

Before we should go any further, please let us know more about your attempts to install 9.10.
Are you able to boot and run from CD? If so, is Ubuntu running normaly from it? Are you able to boot and run from your USB stick ? If the booting is the problem, then you may need to change the boot preferencies in your BIOS. We may help more once we will know this and also the questions asked by DryCrust.