HELP PLEASE - cant get Ubuntu on my computer!

Hello everyone,

So about a year back I had ubuntu and xp running as a dual boot on my Asus eeepc 1000hd. I had nothing but problems, so I deleted ubuntu. But I cant remember how I got ubuntu on here in the first place.

I dont have a optical drive, or a floppy drive, and Ive tried every method with a usb flashdrive but I cannot get ubuntu to work, I cant even get my computer to boot from the usb.

When I installed ubuntu last year I didnt have a usb flashdrive and I got it on here, but I cant find any resources on how to do that again.

How do I install ubuntu on my eee pc 1000hd without a cd drive, floppy drive, or usb?

I appreciate your help in advance, and I look forward to being done with any microsoft software.....and being free from it for the rest of my life.

use a virtual cdrom drive

If you install a virtual cd-rom drive - something like magiciso etc - in xp you can wubi.exe which comes with the ubuntu iso to install within xp - it creates its own directory - a folder in xp. From their you may be able to do a full install. Alternatively, assuming you have atleast one usb port you could use anothers computer. Btw, with the wubi.exe install you are greeted at boot up with the choice of booting into ubuntu or xp so it's like a normal dual boot. Hope this helps.

unetbootin will install from website. you can install it right from the website. The only thing you need is an internet connection!

I changed my mind about the response.

I thought I could help. I came to an area of the installation that I should check before passing on the information. I believe the previous comments may cause some problems for the inquirer. If he just deleted his previous application, there are probably dependencies that should be removed prior to installing again. I suppose it depends on the version he wants to install. I got sent to this page because I deleted my response. There did not seem to be a place to cancel the offer, and I do not want to pass on bad advice.

The size of the unused portion of his drive could be important information. He may want to create a partition to put the ubuntu distribution. He will probably want to create a swap partition. And he probably could use a little help selecting the file system and mount points for the new OS.

He should realize that the latest installed OS will probably be the first in order of boot, but Ubuntu takes care of this option by present both operating systems to chose from when booting the computer. Default will be Ubuntu and I don't know how to change that, however, to open XP, he simply will have to select or click on the DOS entry.

The problem that is first in importance, I believe, is to make sure that all dependencies and files from the previous Ubuntu installation are removed before attempting the new install.

Since all dependencies are installed from the CD in Windows, usually, he won't be expecting all the dependent applications he will have to install to stabilize his new system. I would be happy to help with that. He must also be aware that he must have an Internet connection to install and use Ubuntu. All programs, applications, packages and files are downloaded from the Internet. You may provide him with my email address to help him along, however, certain of the things he wants to do are not in my experience, and I would have to check before passing on the info. I have never installed using a flash drive or thumb drive. I would need to check on that, however, I can help him with most everything else, and be available for some back and forth emails to get him up and running quite fast.