How can I change the font in Open Office in Ubuntu?

Changing template in Open Office - Writer

1. Open a new text document in OpenOffice Writer.

2. Change the page to the way you want the page to look every time you open a new text document. For example: with or without Headers and Footers, style and size of font, format, margins, size and orentation of paper.

3. When your page looks like you want it to, save it as a template:

- Click "File" then "Templates" then "Save".
- In the "Templates" dialog box under "Catagories", click "My Templates" if it is not selected. It will be highlighted.
- Then type in a name for your template (For example "Dave's Template") in the "New template" box and click the "OK" button.

4. Set your template as the default template:

- Click "File" then "Templates" then "Organize".
- In the "Template Management" dialog box, double click "My Templates" to open the list of templates and click the template you just saved.
- Then click "Commands" (just under "Close button) to open the commands list.
- Click on "Set As Default Template" in the commands list.
- Click on "Close" button

Now close OpenOffice and then then restart OpenOffice Writer to see if your blank document looks the way you wanted it to.



I have one more question though.
How can you change the margin on your document?