Ubuntu 9.10 32/64bit and Nvidia Driver on HP Pavilion with 8400M

I've just installed my laptop with a fresh Ubuntu 9.10. I've tried both 32bit and 64bit.

Just after the install, i log in, take a system update (about 120Mb), and reboot. Then i go system -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers, and install the Nvidia driver package. I've tried both the 173/185, and I've also downloaded and installed the newest 190 driver from the Nvidia site.

The problem with the 173 is that i get the log on sound, but Zero image. I get the terminal if i go ALT+CTRL+F1, no problem.

185 - I get the log on sound, and a torn image with white stripes. Nothing that i can watch and do something with, but just a fuzzy screen. I get the terminal, no problem.

190 - Same as the 185.

I've clean installed 6 times now, and it will not work. The only way to get the system ut again is to enter /etc/X11/xorg.conf and switch the driver from "nvidia" to "nv".

any ideas? I really want my 3d and my visual effects :)


Ubuntu 9.10 32/64bit and Nvidia Driver on HP Pavilion with 8400M

An 8400 should cope all the way to the Nvidia 195 drivers. I suspect you have missing code.

In easiest terms change the driver to "nv" then boot up. Using Synaptic, check that you have the linux-headers specific to the kernel & release you are using. Eg. Linux-headers-generic will usually install the missing specific release headers. Pick those named for the 32/64 bit specifics you are using. DKMS will need that at startup to generate the runtime files in your instance.

If you feel the driver is in place correctly then try restarting the xorg config.
sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg.
An example, albeit using Mepis instead of Ubuntu, the principle is the same and can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QsP8GDTpno.

I think i got the same OS and

I think i got the same OS and laptop , I use ubuntu 9.10 64 bit
I got the nvidia 185 version installed and everything works gr8 ..
I have an HP pavilion dv6000 with nvidia 8400GS and I use the 3D options like compiz manager with 3D cube etc .. maybe u have a hardware problem ?

How did you install your

How did you install your driver? By System -> Admin -> Hardware drivers? And just enabling the driver? Or did you do something else?

I booted my Windows Vista for

I booted my Windows Vista for the first time in 6months and discovered that it was a HW failiure.

Thanks a bundle folkz!