Problem with using Ubuntu 9.10

I have loaded Ubuntu 9.10 as logical drive extension to my existing Windows 7. The Linux Ext 3 is in a partition 283.6 GB in size and occupies just 6.6 GB. The Linux Swap is 7kB in a partition of 9.3 GB in size.

When I boot up, the Grub shell menu is offered, I select the first Ubuntu option and it boots up OK. I then try and move the cursor, but after a short time period it just freezes.

Freezing Cursor and Missing Grub Bootloader Items

Any assistance with my previous posting would be appreciated.

On another machine, I had Ubuntu 9.04 installed, along with windows XP Professional. There was insufficient room on the disk and I deleted the Ubuntu, but now cannot access my Windows XP as the Grub Bootloader comes up with the error CODE 5. I'm sure this just needs a few adjustments to the file, but I do not know enough to know how. Any assistance would be appreciated.