Hi every one!

Can anyone assist me on how to connect internet in my ubuntu 9.04 using a modem..? Thanx



What kind of Modem? Dialup 56k, ISDN, or Cable, Dsl, Satellite, etc...? Is it physically connected from source to PC already? If not what methods of connection do you have IE cat5, USB, etc.
Lotz of variables.... Sorry I can't read minds over internet yet or do astro-projection tech-support! Wouldn't that be a money maker?
Try this link and see if there is any help to be gleaned there!
Copy and paste it in browser window if clicking on it doesn't work.
Write back with specifics if this doesn't cover it. But mostly if hardware is connected already and if not dialup or isdn then it should be as easy as settings in browser if needed and email program. Again from memory I think email is the only one that requires specific settings as in email account...etc.
Dialup modems if hardware type are way easier usually similar to the above.
Software or WinModems are harder as you need to find a software work arounds to use them. M$ proprietary monopoly thangie!
It's been a while and my memory isn't always 100%. So do forgive! And also feel free to search Ubuntu site for other or more answers too. Hope that helps some...

Thanx for your help, let me

Thanx for your help, let me check this link and see how it will help me.. thanx again, i real appreciate this..
its HUAWEI EC121 CDMA 1X USB Stick..