Scanner and PCfax utilization setup Brother MFC 5840CN

Would like help for Brother MFC 5840CN Scanner and PCfax utilization.
scanner is reporting supported device is busy and cannot scan to file.
I would also like to set up and use the Pcfax!

I don't remember what headway that I've made toward utilizing the pcfax tho I think it's function had to do with not having a program like Open Office that supports it yet... It's been a while since I fooled with either of them. I have short term memory problems and often lose track of where I've been and what/where I want to do/ go....Sooo any help is appreciated! Thanx%:)SW
PS the memory thing curtails my use of command line beyond copy and paste type functionality....sorry but I'm doing my best to shed M$!!! Getting this working would allow me to do that and be 100% Linux. BTW I had scanner working in Ubuntu 9.04 which I have no idea how it happened but I think an updated stopped that as it no longer works in 9.04.
The following files are shown to be installed:
[libsane 1.0.20-4ubuntu3,
saneutils 1.0.20-4ubuntu3,
xsane 0.996.2ubuntu1.1, xsane-common 0.996.2ubuntu1.1, brscan2 0.2.5-1, hplip 3.9.8-1ubuntu2, gnome screensaver 2.28.0-0ubuntu3.4; show in Synaptic as being installed when looking for 'SANE'
These and brscan-skey show up when synaptic is searched with word scanner]
[searching synaptic for MFC 5840CN it shows Brother lpr 1.2.0-2-0 and cups 1.2.1-oubuntu3 and Brmpcfaxlpd 1.0.0-2 and Brmpcfaxcups 1.0.0-2 installed]