cant run a Music player

Im a new for UBUNDU. Yesterday i have installed the Ubundu application in my machine. Now XP and UBUNDU running are same machine.

I cant run default music player. please advice.

Can I install any drivers in that machine ??


AravindFrom your post I


From your post I infer that your looking for
a Ubuntu program that will play
music that is similar to WinXP.

Because that is what you are most familiar with?

There is a great program that will run on
both Ubuntu and WinXP.
VLC media player
The cross-platform open-source multimedia framework, player and server

If you go the URL above you can dl the
WinXP version.

For Ubuntu if you go to the "Synaptic Package Manager",
in the Quick Search type 'vlc' you'll see:

vlc 1.0.2-1ubutu2.1 multimedia player and streamer

If you don't know where the SPM it's:
System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager

They'll be other packages to add associated the

If you want to add additon packages, but not sure
what those are, just click once of the package (highlight) then right click properties will include a description.

I've added a few packages and you can always go back
if you choose to basic package an add more.

As with the WinXP program everything runs out of the box.

There a many programs like this to choose from, I'm
pointing out this one because I use often and you
can get comfortable whichever OS your using.

When I intalled VLC on WinXP I dumped most
other multimedia players.

If you just want a Ubuntu music player go for:

type 'rhythmbox' in the SMP same instructions as VLC