lost battery charge and wifi icon

am using Ubuntu 9.10 on an acer aspire one.
i have by mistake removed the icons for battery charge and the wifi from the pannel on my desktop and am unable to retrieve them. its a big problem cause i do not know how much charge i have left on my computer and i loose work because the comp shuts down whenever it is out of charge.. please help.

I had the same problem when I

I had the same problem when I upgrade my Laptop from 9.04. I found temporary solution. For Wi-fi I restarted nm-applet, and used additional battery applet for bat/charging state.

Than I install clear 9.10 (with formatting all the partitions except /home) and vuala! All applets work fine!

good idea.. i have installed

good idea.. i have installed new applications for tracking battery charge and wifi and the problem has been solved. thanks for responding :) have a good day.