Ubuntu Studio disk installation and partitioning guidance

Hello iv downloaded the Ubuntu Studio ISO and burned DVD-R and it is a success from what i can tell so far. I wan't to install this aside windows with a rather good size partition around 30-40G. The problem is i'm not very experienced with partitioning in general or the partitioning tools supplied by Ubuntu. I know how to resize partitions in Windows Vista like shrink partitions and rename/reformat unallocated partitions but i'm not sure how to do this in Ubuntu installation.

Ubuntu studio disk install

You can search Ubuntu for help like below is 'gparted use' search.


Try doing a search for what you want to do.

The times I installed Ubuntu along side windows all I did was boot to the Live CD and when it got to the use of the drive during installation and in gparted it gave me choices if I wanted install along side of Windows, or use the whole drive, or expert was to manually manage partitions which is pretty difficult for me having had a few bumps on the head. You have to plan out what you want to do and be sure to backup anything in Windows that you cannot afford to lose. This way mistakes can be corrected. Sometimes experts make mistakes or hardware fails. This auto install side by side will change your boot loader to GrubII in the Linux partition and u should get a text boot prompt allowing you to choose which installation to run at boot completion. If you ever want to go back to just windows then after removing linux and grub the MBR of windows will have to be restored in order to boot to it. Again look for examples on net to complete your education on the matter.
Each Windoze has it's own preferences but for XPPro and for me it was as simple as "Format MBR" I think I remember correctly. If it's Vista or xphome or 7 it all could be different. lotzaplanning
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