Problem with Ubuntu 9.10

I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 and the installation went smoothly. At the desktop I went to try and browse firefox. It froze and I was forced to force shutdown. I return to my desktop and Ubuntu would show its logo and the screen went black. I had a wireless mouse in the usb port so I thought it was trying to read from there. I took out the device and forced quit again. I started it back up and it gave me the logo, then options to start normally or safe mode ect. I hit enter to start normally, then suddenly, black screen. I have forced shutdown a few times (I know not good) but all I get is blackscreen. I dont even see the startup menu. Please help.

I can get in now but now its

I can get in now but now its just freezing. I open firefox and it freezes right then and there. I can move cursor but nothing else.

can you grab your

can you grab your /var/log/messages and see if anything is being reported in there?

Is this only when you run

Is this only when you run firefox or does it happen every time? Can you open up a terminal and run these commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo update-grub

If not boot into recovery mode and go to tty/commandline with network; login and enter commands there. Reboot.