how to install a downloaded software

i wish to install a software provided by cisco called 'vnp client' on my ubuntu 9.10.
how does one go about it. i have successfully downloaded the the software for the linux version. what to do next to install it ?
i have already tried; sudo apt-get install vnp client . it did not help


how to install downloaded software

Few thotz;
Have you sought help from Cisco either in their auto help database or personal call or email them? R U sure u got the correct file ie .deb not .rpm for Ubuntu? If these do not pan out, Look for the software in repositories after enabling them all.
Software sources and synaptic package manager. I'm command line challenged myself so no help with it here. If you can find a repository containing the driver it's more likely that Synaptic will do most if not all the leg work of installing it for u. No guarantees as we're all noobz in some fashion or nuthur.
Cisco may have a repository for Ubuntu too. Lotx uh details I know... but stick with it... Holler back if needed we'll keep trying....

From what I saw on the

From what I saw on the cisco's page, they have quite many vpn clients
they have this link
with installation instructions, but for very specific version.
which is the only linux compatible vpn client i saw there.
However from my experience with such clients from big companies, they not always work, very outdated or for successful installation you need a masters degree :)
Anyway a few more details about what you need and what exact version of this client you have downloaded will surely help. also if you need to connect to your work place using this client, maybe your IT dep. can help?
Or if you give enough info about what kind of vpn your workplace uses, there is a good possibility that an already existing vpn program can work too.

BTW: sudo apt-get install "something"
only works with stuff in the repositories, not locally downloaded files :)

vpn not vn

Googled: ubuntu vpn

Have you looked at

There is a thing in repository called vpnc. It says:
"vpnc is a VPN client compatible with cisco3000 VPN Concentrator (also
known as Cisco's EasyVPN equipment). vpnc runs entirely in userspace
and does not require kernel modules except of the tun driver to
communicate with the network layer.

It supports most of the features needed to establish connection to the
VPN concentrator: MD5 and SHA1 hashes, 3DES and AES ciphers, PFS and
various IKE DH group settings."

thanks a lot.. i will try the

thanks a lot.. i will try the link you have suggested.
the IT department of my university is quiet ignorant but i guess i will try to approach them anyhow.

thanks again :)

sweetwater, thanks.. will try

thanks.. will try to check up the details..
thanks a ton for responding