I have downloaded gparted but cannot run it! old brain cells! please help, thanks mk.........

i have downloaded gparted. i know i have old brain cells and cannot figure out how to get it to work. i believe that it should be on a separate disk or usb??? can someone please lay it out for me, sorry for the inconvienience, and thanks, mk.......

i have downloaded gparted.

What r u trying to do with it?
The only way I have used GParted is from a Live cd distribution of Linux. I know Ubuntu was one and Knoppix might have been the other and Mint was prob. yet nuthur. Details r important.
From what I remember u don't want to run it from a hard drive that you r partitioning particularly if there is an installation on that drive that you want to save. Also this is not a blanket statement that it is ok anyway because it could harm the hard drive too. Cd is the best/easiest if you have a burner to make it and a cd drive to run it. If not Ubuntu site search should pull up some detailed help about using it from USB drive etc..
This is what I got by typing "gparted use" in ubuntu.com search window:
Happy puting!!!
But basically it is as simple as downloading/buring/distroCD/booting to CD/finding gparted on CD/and away we go.
However if you want to save stuff on the drive plans have to be made how you want to do that and how many additional partitions you want to include~etc... It's very powerful and will erase everything if allowed to. So safe to back up in case of errors doing what u intended.
Research it out and plan it out multiple times and only attempt if backup is secure. Dew tell more if need tew!!!

Burn the ISO

Freestanding GParted comes in ISO form.

You need to burn the ISO to a CD. If you don't know how, look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto


i am using windows NT Pro. does that make a difference? Or is only for Linux? I can make an ISO cd. sounds like that is what i need to do? will try it. thanks you, mk......

No difference

It should make no difference.

Once you have "burnt the ISO"
1) Make sure the BIOS is set to start from the CD-Rom first - instead of the Hard Drive
2) Leave the CD in your CD-Rom
3) Restart the computer

Old Brain Cells

hi again. I think I figured out what the issue is!!!! i have downloaded the gparted.ZIP files instead of the ISO files!!! i am just getting the iso's now and will try again.
what i am trying to is change my remote HDD from NTFS to FAT32 so I can get all my video files onto it and be able to read it from the PS3. the PS3 will only read a fat32 HDD and does not recocnixe a NTFS HDD. that is the issue. andyway i thank you again, I should have READ what was on the display and not ASSUME!!!! You know what ASSUME does EH!!!!! thanks again will get back to you WHEN I get it going, thanks mk.........


yes thanks about the bios setting I believe that it is to CD 1st then to HDD. will check it and change if nessary. just about finished downloading the ISO so will know how it works shortly. I am certain it will work fine now!!! i did tell you I had old brain cells! wasnt kidding. download completed will get back to you, mk........


got the ISO burned and it works. did not go completely through it because I wanted to read the manual. so stoped and printed the manual. a couple of questions:
1) will I beable to just reformat a remote drive, 300Gig from NTFS and change it to fat32?
2) what is the quickest and easiest way to do so.

i am going to read the manual for about the next 1 hour or so. will check back thanks, mk.........

Sorry me again

i started going thru the manual. and have a few more questions!
1) the manual is for 0.4.6 of gparted, i assume that there is not much of a functional difference to the 0.5.x? which is what i have in the ISO.
2) it mentions that I can "mount" the gparted live.zip somewhere to get the GUI functionality. I would rather use the GUI rather than the functionality of the iso in a text version. how can i do this?
i will continue to read and wait for response, thanks mk........


"I would rather use the GUI rather than the functionality of the iso in a text version. how can i do this?"

The version of GParted I have is the LiveCD and goes all the way into a GUI. Which version do you have and where did you download it from.

Be aware that if you are changing the format from NTFS to FAT it will completely wipe EVERYTHING off the NTFS.

GParted can be a bit dangerous. You have to be ABSOLUTELY sure about what you are formatting or you could wipe the WRONG thing.

"1) will I beable to just reformat a remote drive, 300Gig from NTFS and change it to fat32?" Yes. GParted will do that. It has a box at the top right so you can choose which drive you are formatting


Well I got it fixed the fat32 remote HDD. I did not realize that the first section of the "install" required some decisions about the configuration!!! old brain cells functioning again!! got into the gparted GUI and reformatted the remote and now just putting a couple of files to see if the PS3 will read it. I am assuming that it will because it reads the USB sticks formatted to fat32, this also allows larger files than 3.5 gigs to be copied, which i learned from you I think. the short of it is that is working now, at least I think it will as I am just copying to it now. then going to plug it into the PS3 and see what happens. thanks very much, now I can take it out to Canmore and not use sticks to transfer and read!!!! again thanks for the help, mk..........

Sizing Issue still crops up!!!

me again! is there anyway to increase the size copied files from the 3.5Gig?


Not sure that I understand that. Can you explain more.

I tend to just use Copy and Paste. The bigger the file the longer it takes.