VirtualBox running in Ubuntu 9.04 16 bit 32 bit problem

VirtualBox in 9.04 Ubuntu to run other Distros. I got WinXPPro on as first Virtualization [which works ok] and each attempt with other Linux's (Ubuntu 9.1 and Suse 11.2) have ended up giving me error messages about how Virtual machine is set up in 32 bit operation but the guest OS that I'm installing is set and 16 bit and needs to have settings changed to 32 bit to stop the pop up messages and increase speed.

Things seemed to crawl with Linux in Vbox compared to WindowsXP. Gnome is the desktop for them all and I can not find a way to tell the Linux distros to switch to 32bit display. VCard is a GForce 6200 256mb AGP4 running on an ECS k7S5A ver.1 Athlon XP 1700+ and 1gb pc3200. Pleeeeez help out if you can. I looked on sun's site now Oracle no luck. I did stumble on one of sun's pages that didn't show Suse 11.2 as compatible in the list that was dated 02/2010.
Thanx %:)SW