smbus base uninitialized upgrade bios of Force_addr=0xaddr

I'm getting this message during boot of 9.10 and 10.04 Beta Ubuntu. 9.10 makes it through and functions fairly well however 10.04 does not complete boot and just hangs on splash screen. I found links that state that it is motherboard drivers at fault but these are incidents with Windows and the story goes for the affected to find smbus on driver cd and install/
reinstall....??? This seems to conflict with the message to upgrade bios tho. I'm lost as to what to do.
I don't recall seeing it in 9.04 Ubuntu boot. Do I dare chance a bios upgrade? My memory isn't as sharp as it use to be... It's a K7S5A ver 1.0 rev.3.1 and bios is 10/02/2002. Read something else that stated that smbus was for system clock basically. If so how could it keep 10.04 from booting?
MB does lose Bios settings frequently and only hope of fixing that I'm told is soldering a resistor to board or reducing voltage in Bios and Bios is not friendly for doing that. It shows voltage settings but unable to highlight to alter. BTW 9.10 normal hard disk install does not give me smbus error so has to be something with VBox somehow if it uses a different BIOS than what my mobo has. Thanx if you have input!!!%:)SW