Ubuntu 10.4

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Ubuntu 10.4
Hi, I been reading a lot of very positive things about Ubuntu 10.4. I am realy looking foward to using it, when it's released. I have found Ubuntu to quite stable when it's first comes out, but not always.

Like others I try many different operating systems (It's a hobby with me.) and occasionally I find a new one that has too many bugs to be stable enough for reliable use. So this is what I do. On my primary computer I wait for two months, watching the forms for signs of trouble. If the system is getting the go sign I install it. This saves me a lot of grief!

Many will says this boring way to do things. I agree, but it minimizes my grief!
What I do in order to get around this, is to install the brand new or a beta OSD, on an old machine, and try it out. This way I have a working machine, and can sample the latest and greatest, without suffering.

I pass this on because it took me a couple of years to come to this point, and I hope this helps someone.

Bye for now.

It is 10.04

Sorry for being picky, but it is 10.04 not 10.4. Calling it 10.4 makes the naming arbitrary and it has significance. It means that the distribution comes out on the 4th month of 2010. If you destroy the naming then you undermine this. In decimals four is .04 and 40 is .4. Think money. 4 cents vs 40 cents. The next version will be 10.10 and it will come out in October. if you then called it 10.1 then it would appear to come out in January, not October.

I have been using Lucid since Alpha one and it is becoming more polished and stable as time has gone on. It is still over a month before final release, but I have already replaced Karmic with it on my netbook. I use both Ubuntu and Kubuntu. I think that KDE users will be very pleased with KDE 4.4 which comes with Kubuntu. Ubuntu's changes have been less sweeping, mainly theming and buttons. I have switched my buttons back. What is more annoying is not right vs left but changing the order. I used Ailurus to change the order to GNOME's traditional order. Now I can work without minimizing pages when I want to maximize.

I try out different distributions, too. I have Fedora 12, openSuSE 11.2, Mandriva 2010, SimplyMEPIS 8 installed right now. I plan on trying PCLinuxOS and Mint 8 soon.

Good luck and thanks for sharing.


Thanks for response on 10.04. I will try Ailurus, as it sounds interesting. I use GNOME mainly. I am a computer hobbyist, and got into Linux a couple of years ago.

Thanks again.