No video after 'apt-get update/upgrade'

I am running Lucid beta1, and following a 'sudo apt-get update -- sudo apt-get upgrade', I no longer have video. It goes to a black screen. I was initially unable to get even to a command prompt through a normal boot, but after booting from the live CD and using chroot on the installed drive partition, I ran 'sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg' and then reinstalled the xserver-xorg along with the NVIDIA-96 files. I got where I could ctrl-alt-F1 (or alt-F1) to get to a command prompt, but still no video. No xorg.conf file is generated.

My computer is an older dual processor AMD64 chips with an older NVIDIA card (can't tell you what model, but it was the latest AGP bus card with an NVIDIA chipset).
(Correction-- The MB is a Tyan K8S Pro, which has no AGP bus. My MB has a PCI NVIDIA card.)

Any clue as to what I need to do to get video back (without a complete reinstallation!)?


I have same problem this morning