Toolbar at bottom of Gnome desktop

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 about 6 months ago on a Dell GX280. The monitor is a KDS. The maximum screen resolution Ubuntu allows is 800x600 and the bottom toolbar on the desktop is missing. I now have the following problems: (i) Whenever I hide a something I'm working on, I can't get it back because the bottom tool bar is not there. (ii) Because of the screen resolution Ubuntu imposed I can't access things at the bottom of windows from programs I'm running. For example, the next or accept or exit bottuns that appear in many applications don't show up at the bottom of the screen.

Getting bottom panel back

You can add a panel by right clicking on a blank space on the top panel and choose New Panel. However your panel will be empty. You will need to add to the panel by right clicking on the new panel and choose Add to Panel. The original panel has Desktop Switcher and Window List (near the bottom of the list). You may also want to add Show Desktop and Trash. Once placed you can move them by right clicking on that part of the panel and choose Move. You can delete items that you don't want by right clicking too.

Conversely, you can make do with only the top panel by adding the items to that panel instead of adding a New Panel first.


Bottom panel

Thanks Roy. I got the panel per your instruction.
But I am still stuck with 800x600 maximum resolution and display adjustment won't give me 1024x800 resolution. I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 from same disk image on two other computers and I was able to get the whole range of screen resolutions with both the present monitor and a couple of others. Can you or someone else help me with this?