How do I undelete my taskbar?

I totaly do not know what I am doing with computers period! Then I get a Dell with Ubuntu and while trying to delete the owner I accidently deleted the entire rask bar (the one on the top pf the page) and now I can't do any thing except change my wallpaper.


Try this...

Try Alt-F2 and then type in


go to home dir . press ctrl+h

go to home dir . press ctrl+h (to show hidden dirs ..)
and delete .gnome , .gnome2 , .gnome2_private
then restart ur pc .. the gnome will reset default conf

Undelete Taskbar

Will give it a try. Mahalo


I appreciate your help

Won't Delete

Fnally found "gnome";"gnome-app-install";gnome-system-tools";"gnome-vfs-2.0" and cannot "trash" any of them.

Sorry, nothing happened

Sorry got a panel that was tittled "panel to append" my file only has he dell contract on it.

Try Alt-F2, then type

Try Alt-F2, then type gnome-terminal into the box. Then in the terminal window type the following commands:

rm -rf /~/.gnome /~/.gnome2 /~/.gnome2_private
sudo reboot now

But even without the panel, you can do more than right-click. Try out Alt-F1.