Don't know how to install downloaded SW

I've just downloaded several sw from and they are in the downloads folder. One sw I had to unzip and extract the contents to a new folder. I don't know how to install these sw. Please help me. Thanks. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10. Thanks


A kind of hierarchy...

First, look at "How to install ANYTHING in Ubuntu!" - and "Installing Software in Ubuntu" -

Second, it would have helped if you had told us exactly what software.

Hierarchy? 95 times out of 100 newbies should not compile/uncompress. They should USE THE PACKAGE MANAGER. If it is not in the package manager see if you can find a .deb to be installed with Gdebi (A good site for this is ) . Compiling/Uncompressing should be a LAST RESORT.

Problems with installing Softwares

Thanks very much alanrochester for your help, I now have a better understanding of the ways SW are installed in Linux environment. However when I tried to have the SW XVidcap from installed using the default GDebi package installer, I got the error message:" Dependency is not satisfiable", and when I tried another version of XVidcap, I got the error message: "A later version is available in a software channel. You are strongly advised to install the version from the software channel, since it is usually better supported." My question is where can I find this software channel? and what can I do with the dependency problem? Thanks again.