Updated to 10.04, Lost wireless

Updated to 10.04 on Friday. Saturday, signed in and found no wireless icon in taskbar and no connection to internet What happened, and how do I fix. All other computers on LAN are fine. Thanks Erniebob


what type of wireless card?

what type of wireless card? Run this please and post the line related to your wireless card:

sudo lspci -nn

The previous 2 versions of Ubuntu worked fine with my wireless, but 10.04 installs the wrong driver for my Broadcom 4312. If your wireless card happens to be a Broadcom 43xx type, I had to do the following:

(1) connect your laptop to a wired connection, then run...
(2) sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source
(3) sudo reboot

What type of wireless card

Results of sudo lspci -nn:
01:00.0 Network Controller [0104] RaLink RT2800 802.11n PCI [1814:0601
hope this helps.

Does your problem appear to be the same as this open bug?

Does your problem appear to be the same as this open bug?


Open bug

I don't know. This is all Greek to me.My wireless worked perfectly with the earlier version of ubuntu Now it does not. Is there any way to return to 9.8?